Credit Application and Agreement

Applicant, by its undersigned authorized representative, hereby furnishes the following information for the purpose of introducing Murphy Asphalt & Construction to open an account pursuant to the terms of the attached Sales Agreement. The undersigned warrants and represents that the information furnished herein is true, accurate and complete.

Company Information

Bank References

Credit/Trade Reference 1

Credit/Trade Reference 2

Credit/Trade Reference 3

Sales Agreement
  1. All invoices are due 30 days from date of invoice.
  2. A Periodic Finance Charge (annual percentage rate of 24% or 2% per month) will be applied to any past due balance. Customer will be responsible for any and all collection fees incurred.
  3. By submitting this application, you authorize Murphy Asphalt and Construction to make inquiries into the banking and business/trade references you have supplied.
  4. All Terms are subject to change based on credit pay/credit history.