Sanitary Cove Base

Our new and improved 2nd Generation sanitary cove base is made form an exclusive lightweight, flexible polymer composite.

  • 3x faster to install; 3x lighter to ship & handle, & virtually unbreakable
  • It’s used with all types of finishes & applications: epoxy, decorative, and build-up
  • For commercial, industrial, residential, institutional, new & restoration projects
  • Meets & exceeds Environmental Health Department code requirements
  • Water proof
  • Mold resistant
  • Installed in facilities for the US Forest Service, FDA, US Government & Military
  • Comes in boxes of six (6) 8" x 144” pieces
  • Matching 90º and 135º inside & outside  corners are available
  • Installs using basic carpentry tools and skills
  • Under cabinet toe kicks & around curved walls are no problem
    • Can be tacked in place w/ finish nailer until bonding agent cures
    • Overnight & rush jobs are able to  be completed much faster

More Advantages

Cove Base